Save Money on Your Web Site Development

Posted December 16th, 2010 in Blog by Trevino

Every day you hear how people and companies are benefitting from having a website. Now you want one, and you heard your nephew say he can make a website. Cool, Save money, and have a website. Three months later you don’t have a website, or you got something that just looks like a high school holiday project.

Yip, you guessed it. It takes way more than your nephew, or an IT, fix your computer dude, to get you a website that  actually helps you or your business.

Here are some common myths I have come across in my many years of experience in setting up websites.

  1. A professional Web Development Company, is a bunch of IT geeks, plonking code everyday, to create what resembles a web page, who is selling you the latest web technologies, and hyped up buzz words which they don’t even understand.
  2. Websites are all about technology the right technology. Getting an IT Geek to setup a free open source CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, etc gives you a website.
  3. Websites are a function of the IT Department, or a programmer.

The funny reality is that, the IT department thinks “Target Market” is an online market place to buy & download apps.

Websites that work, are created by your marketing, communications department, who know how to communicate, you, your message, or your product, and make it accessible to your target market.

Creating your website is a task for media, communication specialists, who can project manage your online presence.

Your biggest cost of your website is the design, look and feel of your website concept of how your info is presented, and how the user gets to that information, and make sure you can update that info as easy as possible, without getting a degree in programming.

The last bit is getting a good web developer who can translate that into a huge chunk of code, which when viewed through your clients browser, presents you, your company, or product.

See most people start here, hire a programmer, or web developer who has wooed them with amazing technologies. Its a huge waste of money, when they realize that their website is not working – and this is not a Myth!

Remember, The website does not sell you or your product. Its you or your product that must sell. Why focus on Websites & developers, and spend all your money there. You need to focus on you, or your product, and spend your money on Companies who can make that happen, using a website!

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